Guidelines To Conduct Membership Awareness Drives

Interested Lodges are to contact the Provincial Membership Team Coordinator for all Pertinent Information

1- The Lodge is required to put a motion forward to have a Membership Drive. The Majority vote ruling.  Guidance is available from the Provincial Membership Committee and National R&R Committies.

2- The coordinator supplies the Lodge with the application form to submit to the ARPA for support funding. The Provincial Association will pay up to $500.00  for a membership drive. The required information on the form can only be approximate at that time as the number of volunteers who will be assisting on the drive would be unknown at that time. 

3- The Provincial Coordinator sets up a date that is most suitable to the Lodge.

4- It is suggested to the Lodge that they post on Social Media  or place an Advertisement in their local Newspaper to inform their Community of the up coming Royal Purple Information Campaign. Please do not forget to include the Day(s) and date of the campaign. In smaller centers you could also take Brochures to the grocery store "Bulletin Board" or your local Post Office.

If interested in joining an Alberta Royal Purple Lodge or would like more information, please contact Kelly Christman by email: or phone 403-641-2274 (res)

or Ida Jorgensen by email: or phone 403-429-3643 (cell).