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Our Charities  

Brain Injury Relearning Society (REDI) – REDI fundamentally believes in the power of connection. Everyone deserves to be connected to their community and to be treated with dignity and respect. People living with disabilities enjoy working, volunteering and building lives in a place where everyone belongs, and they deserve nothing less. Through our programs and services, REDI is able to foster independence and help to make space for people living with disabilities to live a full and rich life. Through contracts with PDD, Alberta Health Services, and Alberta Community and Social Services, we develop and deliver programming to meet our clients where they are, whether that be through a few hours of support a day to full time supported living. n March 2002, Brain Injury Relearning Services entered into a contract with Alberta Community Development in conjunction with the Alberta Brain Injury Network (ABIN) to provide services to individuals and families affected by brain injury in the South Region of the province.

As a result, BIRS offers a range of in-house and in-home rehabilitative services across Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.

Central Alberta  Brain Injury Society – The Central Alberta Brain Injury Society (CABIS) is a registered Charity which provides support and services free of charge to individuals and families who are living with the effect of acquired brain injury.  CABIS offers a  Travelling Brain School whish is an Interactive Walk Through the Brain Via a 5 Station Interactive Learning Experience. This free Educational Program Goes to All of the Schools in Central Alberta and serves students from grades K-9.  Also offered is a Caregiver course, for Caregivers of All Persons Looking After a Friend or Family Member Who is Living with Challenges Due to a Disability, Illness or Old Age. We will be providing this course via Zoom in the future, and in the meantime we are hosting a caregiver support group via Zoom.


Blue Heron Society –  Blue Heron Support Services Association provides a wide variety of supports to individuals who have developmental disabilities, acquired brain injury, fetal alcohol syndrome, respite support, as well as adult learning and our thrift store.  Blue Heron offers outstanding support to people with disabilities or brain injuries in developing  and maintaining daily living skills in order to promote and maximize each individual's independence.  Blue Heron Support Services is part of the Alberta Brain Injury Initiative.

Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society– SABIS offers supports and services for clients living in Calgary and the surrounding region.  Our service coordinators provide resources, make referrals, assist with applications, and engage in informal advocacy and emotional support.  In addition to service coordination, we offer support groups for both brain injury survivors and their supporters.  SABIS also engages in brain injury awareness and educational campaigns, and our team is available to deliver presentations to help people understand the effects of brain injuries on individuals and their support networks.  About 70% of our work is helping brain injury survivors live as independently as possible in the community by linking them to supports, services and programs in our region.

Camp He Ho Ha –  Camp HeHoHa is Alberta’s first summer camp for people with disabilities and the only facility of our kind in Northern and Central Alberta that does not discriminate based on the type or degree of disability.  As a result, we welcome individuals with multiple disabilities and those deemed medically fragile. Each year Camp welcomes over 700 people with disabilities to have an opportunity to attend one of our week-long summer camps.  These individuals, who range in age from 6 to 101, come to us from every part of Alberta as well as the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Northern British Columbia, with over half of our campers coming from the greater Edmonton area.

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