Compassion House – this is a safe house in Edmonton where women can stay when they are going for treatments after having breast cancer surgery. We have supported the house since 2001 when Arleen Albiez was PP and they were raising funds to build the house. In the summer of 2002 PP Dawn Hodgins and a large group of executive and committee members attended the opening ceremonies for the house and donated the first of many $10,000 checks. The house was chosen as our “charity of choice”. The funds will be used for cancer related resource materials, educational/support programming for cancer patients and maintenance of the house. We will donate $7,500 in 2017. 
The “Alberta Royal Purple Volunteer Room” is marked and named for our continued support. Pictures of many of the PPP’s hang at the door to this room. Our 22 year old provincial charter will now hang there---as this charter has been replaced by the new CRPS charter certificate. We have purchased office equipment for the room and donated a set of knives to the kitchen area to be used by all living there.
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Stollery Children’s Hospital – we started supporting the Stollery when Marg Brown was PP in 2006 starting with $5000 annual donations and rising to $10,000 in 2008. Over these years we have given over $100,000. Our $7,500 donation this year will be directed to their OPERATING ROOM REDEVELOPEMENT which is in the second phase of a 5 year critical care campaign. Funds basically used for equipment for the hospital. We were thrilled to hear that ATB was matching our $10,000 in 2016. Thank you to ATB for this generous donation.
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Alberta Children’s Hospital – Calgary came on board in 2009 with a $10,000 donation. This year our $7,500 will be used for Respite Care Services at Rotary Flames House. The past years our donations have been given to assist in the purchase monitors. 141 inpatient beds are now equipped with monitors to measure three vital signs: heart rate, breathing rate and oxygen saturation, making these monitors the first of their kind in a children’s hospital in Alberta.  This is the hospitals 10 year birthday. Last year we were thrilled to hear that “CP Has Heart Program” was matching our $10,000. Thank you to CP for this generous donation. 
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Camp He Ho Ha – we have donated various amounts of money from either the calendar or casino accounts since 2001/02. Camp He Ho Ha marketing rep Joan Nielsen always provides us with a wealth of wonderful information about Camp He Ho Ha. This year our donation will be for $3000 and will support several people to attend camp. 
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Camp Horizon – we have donated various amounts to the Alberta Easter Seals and directed to Camp Horizon at Bragg Creek since 2004. The assistance of $3,000 that we are giving this year will go towards sending campers to summer camp.
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Ronald McDonald House – Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer. In 2008 we started donating to RMH’s Edmonton & Calgary from the calendar account. We brought on the brand new RHM in Red Deer in 2012. The houses have used our donations for several projects. We paid for all the ingredients for cookies to be made by volunteers for the kids and families residing at the houses. We provided money to make bag lunches for the residents to take to the hospital instead of purchasing food every day. Last year Red Deer used funds for the MAKE A DIFFERENCE/BRIDGE THE GAP program. It costs $182 to stay one night at a RMH and the residents pay $12. So the funds were used to “bridge the gap” and assist parents who will be staying at the house.
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