Good News Letter

Hi Lodges & Members,

Just got this note from Lillian at Myrnam. If you require more info call
Lillian @ 780-763-2304.

*****Myrnam lodge is celebrating 60 years on Jan 27. Gathering at
1:30pm , visiting , a program , tea and lunch.  Two charter members will
be honoured.  Lillian


1. Congratulations Myrnam on reaching 60 years of RP volunteering! Many
thousands of hours of working for their community.


2. You all received the registration for Sundre 2020 conference. Ignore
the 2019 year. We all know the deadline is in 2020! My OOPS---I should
have checked it over more carefully. Was too busy with Christmas
celebrations! Make sure to book your rooms soon.


3. Got  a note from FT MacLeod and I hear that Janet Tilbe will
celebrate 60 years in RP. A wonderful milestone. Janet was on the AB
executive for several years and we all enjoyed working with her. Best
wishes for many more years in Royal Purple and thanks for your


4. Did your lodge check out the honorary memberships for your members
who have reached 80 years and 50 years in RP? If you need more info,
check with the national office.
Have a wonderful, warm winter!!!-------Harmony begins with  Us!!---------