Good News Letter

June 20/20------------ summer time! YAHOO!!

Hi Lodges & Members--------some news from our Alberta Lodges. It is very quiet for many of us, but some groups are beginning to meet.
Please send me the names of your HRL & Secretary, so I can update my directory of AB lodges. Thanks! Is very interesting to hear from the lodges who have held meetings.  

Please find enclosed 12 pages of reports that normally would be enclosed in the conference book. As it will be Oct 3 before we meet we thought it would be a great idea to forward these pages to the lodges so you can see what our directors have been busy doing.

More news about conference as the time draws nearer. We are in hopes that we do not get hit with more virus this fall and can continue with our work.

GOOD NEWS MEETINGS-----Sundre RP held their regular meeting and noted it was nice to see everyone after missing them for 3 months. They held election and installation, practicing social distancing. Brenda J is the HRL again for many years (10 or 12 I think). Wow that is dedication. They installed a new secretary and we wish Gill Black the best and we send thanks to Donna Young who put in several years at that job. They are looking forward to everyone joining them in October as they host ARPLAS conference.  

Bassano RP held their regular meeting this month and held election and installation of officers and all was done with social distancing and some wearing masks. Way to go members! HRL Lyne Sage retained her position, as did Kelly Christman as secretary.  GREAT NEWS for Vi Christman, she was able to maintain her 56 years of perfect attendance. But had to get special permission to attend as she lives in a lodge and they appear to be still not letting their residents mingle with others. It seems strange to me that someone who is over 90 has to get special permission to move about! DARN COVID! I hope this all soon ends! Congrats Vi and may you have many more years of perfect attendance! Vi also received her class E membership in CRPS and is now an honorary member of CRPS. Another HUGE congrats to you! For RP week Bassano RP donated $500 to their local food bank. As I hear it many food banks could really use our help.  

GOOD NEWS from lodges ---- from Bentley Lodge No. 264 Sharon McKeage  - Secretary

On June 8th, our regular meeting day, we had an outdoor, front yard gathering. Everyone brought their own lawn chair and beverage,  and tried to obey the “social distancing” protocol. It was great to see our Royal Purple friends again and we even got some business accomplished. Cheque’s were signed and donations as per our budget we’re sent. The weather even cooperated with us. It was a lovely way to wind up our year and hope and pray by September things will be closer to normal.

Fort Macleod has good news too from Royal Purple Week. We donated $600 to our Salvation Army Foodbank and challenged our other service groups to do the same.  We posted positive messages around town for the week.  We handed out 200 bags of chalk to homes using social distancing and hygiene measures to be safe and asked the children to write positive messages on sidewalks.  And we recognized Janet Tilbe’s 60 years with Royal Purple!  Looks like we even recruited a new member!

Take care.  Niesje.

Bassano Community Gardens are ready for planting – 20 boxes rented out again this year. Bassano RP manage, Bassano Health Foundation & Bassano Kinsmen built. Bassano RP 294 plan to have election of officers & installation on June 16. Our first meeting since February. Hello and Best Wishes to all for a fabulous summer! Kelly Christman

Enjoy your summer and I sincerely wish that we can all meet face to face without fear of contracting this virus!

Remain POSITIVELY PURPLE -----------dawn