Good News Letter

Hi Lodges & Members, February 2021

YIKES!!! It is cold outside. But not complaining as we have had a warm winter up until now.

  1. I see on Facebook that Wainwright is selling “TREAT” bouquets for Valentines. Check them out, they look delicious.

  2. Other than ZOOM meetings I have not heard of any lodge meetings being held. Until the next step of the lockdown lets us meet – I guess we just stay in contact via the phone.

  3. The Provincial Executives have been meeting once a month to keep up to date on our business. We have also met with some of the National Board to discuss Constitution, Membership and Forward Planning, Social Media & R&R. If you think your lodge could prosper with the assistance of the membership committee – contact us to help you try and get more new volunteers for your community.  Also, a Secretary’s Webinar is coming to assist the Lodge Secretaries with forms & duties. I will forward info when it is available to me from CRPS.

  4. I will forward the conference agenda when we get it finalized.   At the moment, we plan to hold opening on Friday night, June 4 (6:30) and complete the evening with a “Meet & Greet”. Lots of visiting planned!  We need to catch up after this terrible year of isolation!  The rest of the meeting will be on Saturday, June 5 (8:30) with the evening including banquet and goodbyes. We do hope that the restrictions are totally lifted by then and that we can enjoy the AGM.

  5. MASKS are still available by contacting Brenda J. Looks like they will be a fixture on our faces for an awfully long time.

  6. Don’t forget to collect teddy bears & little blankets for the four RMH’s and bring to Sundre conference.

  7. Did anyone budget for the province wide bottle drive?


Enjoy winter and be assured that the days are going to get sunnier, warmer and the snow will melt. Soon we will move into spring with RP lodge meetings (I hope), beautiful weather and a cure for Covid19, we hope that the vaccines will be readily available to those who wish to take them.

Secretary Dawn for PP Marg Brown.