Saturday, June 5, 2021 via Zoom at 1:00pm


This notice of AGM is intended for all members of Alberta Royal Purple Association.  Please share with members who may not have received this notice.


Our AGM will take place via Zoom beginning at 1pm on Saturday, June 5, 2021.  Attached is the proposed agenda and the minutes of the 2020 AGM.  You will need to pre-register to receive the zoom link.  Send you name and email to Ida Jorgenson  no later than June 2, 2021.


On a serious note:  we are in need of Provincial Directors (3).  If you or someone you know is able and willing to step up, let us know to be nominated.  Nominations will also be called for from the floor.  Filling these positions is imperative for succession of the ARPA.  We cannot operate without Directors!


For fun:  In efforts to raise some general money funds for the Association, we will be having a live auction at the end of the AGM.  Could be some fun involved with this.  If you or your Lodge would like to donate to the Auction please advise Ida when you register.  Items will be held up to the camera, on display for bidders then mailed out to the winning bidder by you/your Lodge.  Your support of your Provincial Association is greatly appreciated!


We had 46 members attend the special General meeting in March, shall we aim for 60 members for our regular scheduled AGM?  See you there!

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