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Honorary Members of Alberta Royal Purple Association

                       These are members who have served the Alberta Association above & beyond

                                                  the call of duty to assist in various ways.

Past Provincial President Betty Leshenko – Edmonton RP

Served as the first President from 1993 – 1995 and chaired two conferences. Was a member of the membership for over 20 years.


Past Provincial President Marion Czapp – Camrose RP

Served as President in 1997 – 1998. Marion was the first historian for the Provincial Association in 1993/94. She got us into working Casino events in the ‘90’s. A wonderful source of income for this group. Was a member of the Judiciary Committee for many years, appointed Conference Parliamentarian many times and is always part of installation of officers.


Past Provincial President Dawn Hodgins – Viking RP

Served a president 2002 – 2003

Worked on forward planning committee, was Historian in 98/99. Elected to 3rd VP in Fernie BC in 1999. Member and Chair of Finance Committee for many terms, sold knives, coordinated calendar raffle sales. Secretary of ARPA since 2014.


Past Provincial President Brenda Johnston – Sundre RP

Served as President 2014 – 2015

Served Canada as SHRL in 2008/09. Member of Judiciary Committee. Hosted several ARPA conferences. Fund raising, has co-ordinated and updated By-Laws, Rules of Order and Policy Manual.


Lady Olga Matvichuk – Edmonton/FT Saskatchewan RP

In year 2 of Association was on Finance Committee and then served on many other committees. Was appointed Casino Chair in 1997 and has held that position for many of the following years, Treasurer for at least 12 years.


Lady Peggy Jeffcoat – Edmonton RP

Served on many committees and played the piano for several ARPA conferences.

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